Landscaping & Irrigation

Due to the arid climate found throughout the region, landscaping and irrigation has become both a serious challenge and a growing market. To SATCO’s advantage, an increasing number of towns, airports, parks and public buildings aim to create pleasant surrounding environments, whilst companies along with municipalities are seeking irrigation solutions that are both efficient and economic.


SATCO has the highest level of classification in Maintenance of Gardens & Parks per the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) in Saudi Arabia


In 1978, SATCO formed a joint venture with ‘Jardin de Ponteuil’ of France, to meet the demand for innovative and affordable landscaping and irrigation solutions. These ventures have been absorbed into SATCO and the company is now one of the country’s largest suppliers of landscaping and irrigation services in the region.


SATCO’s Landscaping and Irrigation Division covers the following services:

•    Construction of irrigation and landscaping works
•    Maintenance of indoor and outdoor landscapes
•    Operation of nurseries
•    Operations and Maintenance of Irrigation systems


One of the biggest projects SATCO has and is currently handling is the Operations and Maintenance of Landscaping, Irrigation and Sanitation of the Community Areas of Jubail Industrial City whose size is comparable to the size of the Kingdom of Bahrain.