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In 1975, the Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Company (SATCO) started its operations covering sectors in construction, landscaping, catering, airports support services and systems control. A few short years after its inception, SATCO witnessed the construction boom of Saudi Arabia and took full advantage by forming joint ventures with foreign companies. The growth in Saudi Arabia ended in 1985 and many of the companies in the region, including SATCO’s foreign partners, exited. SATCO reorganized by acquiring the joint ventures’ assets and transferring their employees into divisions of SATCO. By effectively absorbing the foreign expertise and knowledge from its JVs, SATCO became an operating company.


Today, SATCO successfully continues its legacy as a private company that specializes in delivering first-rate products within the fields of airports support services, construction and industrial support services. Having more than four decades of experience in the industry and witnessing its rapid growth has allowed SATCO to obtain a deep-rooted market and consumer knowledge. This has positioned it to become an expert in its field, delivering world-class services all over the Middle East and Africa.


SATCO’s areas of expertise comprise the following sectors:

• Airports Support Services

• General Contracting and Construction

• Facilities Management / Operations and Maintenance

• Catering and Total Life Support

• Landscaping and Irrigation


The two significant qualities that SATCO has embodied, which allowed it to attain its great stature, are its ability to adapt well to the region’s evolving environment and its fortitude to deal successfully with difficult circumstances; these in turn have allowed it to thrive.


SATCO takes pride in its:


Knowledge of the local market dynamics


Having been in business for more than four decades, SATCO is very familiar with the market dynamics of the region. It is also familiar with local labor requirements, pricings and business models in the region; it fully understands the need of sourcing local and foreign human resources. In addition, SATCO has successfully managed a multinational work force and is well acquainted with the logistics and procurement requirements of the region.


Knowledge of customer service standards


Over the past forty years SATCO has provided a vast array of Industrial Services to a myriad of clients; this has allowed it to gather a thorough understanding of the various requirements of different market segments.


Quality assurance and control


SATCO is committed to excellence; over the years it has developed quality and assurance control procedures that guarantee customer satisfaction. The company also takes pride in being an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 10002:2014, ISO 14001:2015 as well as ISO 45001:2018 certified company.