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Company Overview
Message from the CEO

SATCO, since its inception in 1975, has been at heart an entrepreneurial company constantly seeking out new opportunities, extensive operational experience and a solid financial standing in developing new businesses. However, our greatest asset is, beyond any doubt, our employees. The successes we achieve are due to our dedication, commitment and indomitable spirit, no matter how tough the challenges we face. Our drive and strong values, that we all share and believe in, ensure our longevity and continued success as a company.


Two key attributes embody SATCO’s persona and its very essence: our chameleon-like adaptability and phoenix-like survival. The first has allowed us to adapt to and blend in with the ever-changing business environments of the Middle East at large and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular; the second has given us the instinct to both survive and rise above difficult circumstances with élan.


In today’s dynamic business climate, SATCO’s image is best epitomized by the chameleon and the phoenix which are ever present in our people.





SATCO aims to fulfill its mission by:

•    Delivering world-class industrial products and services to its clients
•    Setting the highest of standards in every project execution
•    Adopting an entrepreneurial approach to project executions




SATCO’s vision for the next decade:

•    To become a leader in building and servicing the Gulf’s rapidly growing industrial, commercial and

     residential markets

•    To become a pioneer in the region’s privatization
•    To maintain its reputation as a trusted, reliable company both in the region and abroad




SATCO’s values are fundamental to its success and govern its business. The company has pride in its ethical and moral business conduct, which separates it from its competitors.




SATCO has been in the business for more than four decades. Through its diligence, determination and adaptability, it has met all challenges resolutely.


Entrepreneurial Spirit


SATCO has always sought out new opportunities, be it within its core lines of business or beyond. It embraces the entrepreneurial spirit and nurtures




SATCO believes in conducting all its dealings with total fairness, assuring equal conditions and consideration for those concerned, both clients and employees.




SATCO always seeks to provide the customer with value and a top quality product or service. SATCO’s products and services will be “best in class” and will deliver excellence. SATCO strives for continuous improvement and responds vigorously to change – true value with no compromise.


Customer Satisfaction


SATCO is dedicated to satisfying its customers no matter how big or small. The company believes in respecting its customers, listening to their requests and understanding their expectations. SATCO aims to exceed customer expectations.


Environmental Responsibility


SATCO has a strong commitment to the environment, ensuring evaluation of all the environmental impact of its activities. SATCO is in full compliance with all relevant regulations.