Construction Division

Since 1975, SATCO has been supplying general contracting and construction services to the industry. The company’s first construction project, building prefabricated schools in Hofuf, was completed just one year after its inception.


In 2009, SATCO completed the construction of Qatalum Village in Qatar to provide services and accommodations for 10,000 residents ranging from unskilled workers to executive staff. Qatar Aluminum (Qatalum) is a Joint Venture between Qatar Petroleum and Hydro Aluminum of Norway. The project site has an area of 480,000 m2.


On February 25th 2012, SATCO was awarded with a housing project in Taima. The client for this project is the Ministry of Housing and SATCO’s scope is to construct 776 new villas in Taima, 265 km southeast of Tabuk, at a cost surpassing $106 million. The project will cover an area of 641,300 m2.



During the month of October 2022, SATCO were awarded two projects to Design and Build Construction Villages in Neom. The first village will accommodate 2,151 residents and the second village will accommodate 10,000 residents. The scope for the construction villages in NEOM includes but is not limited to the design and construction of the following:

  • Structure concrete and steel work.
  • Topographic, Geotechnical, and Hydrological works
  • Architectural
  • Interior Architecture
  • Mechanical works (HVAC, Fire, Plumbing, etc.)
  • Electrical works
  • Lighting internal and external works
  • ICT, ELV & Security Systems
  • Landscape & Automatic Irrigation System
  • Building skin
  • Furnishing of Furniture, Soft Packs, and Appliance units
  • Infrastructure works



SATCO’s contracting activities consist of the following:


General construction: prefabricated buildings, warehouses, commissary, training centers and workshops, chiller buildings, housing, mosques and administrative buildings as well as offices.


Special construction: sewage collection and wastewater treatment plants, airport baggage conveying systems and buildings for the automated control of utilities.


Due to the high demand for specialized construction services, SATCO adapted and expanded its portfolio to offer more specific solutions. Also, SATCO’s collaborative partnership with foreign firms has enabled SATCO to develop its knowledge, acquire new skills, gain innovative techniques and maintain its steadfast growth.