Catering & Total Life Support

SATCO’s catering and total life support services began in the late 1970s through delivering its services to various manual labor camps in the Industrial Cities of Jubail and Yanbu. Soon after, word got out and projects flowed-in briskly from many other sectors. Today, SATCO is fully capable of handling large-scale catering and total life support service requirements with wide-ranging standards in the industrial, commercial, hospitality and institutional sectors.


In 1979, SATCO through its subsidiary Arabian Catering and Maintenance Co. (ARCAM) started maintaining family compounds and residences of expatriates in the Kingdom’s Eastern Province. ARCAM later was absorbed by SATCO and eventually these services expanded into total life support services for Royal Commission Manual Camps in Jubail as well as Yanbu, ARAMCO Abu Ali Land Camp, ARAMCO ACC-Berri Camp, Eastern Petrochemical Company (SHARQ), Al Jubail Petrochemical Company (Kemya), SABIC and various other private institutions in Saudi Arabia.


SATCO’s catering and total life support services capability was exemplified during the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 and the first Gulf War. SATCO takes great pride in its contribution to providing catering services to nearly 10,000 members of the Coalition Forces in the Kingdom, during the massive mobilization to liberate Kuwait. After the successful liberation of Kuwait, SATCO again promptly answered the call of the Coalition Forces to serve hot meals to nearly 6,000 troops in Kuwait based at Camp Doha as well to members of the Corps of Engineers housed at the Kuwait Emergency Recovery Office (KERO) building tasked with restoring Kuwait’s utilities (power, water, and telecommunication system).


Since 1991 to date, SATCO has been providing catering and total life support services to its client Vinnell Arabia.  Vinnell Arabia employees are engaged in the implementation of the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) Modernization Program.  SATCO’s range of services for Vinnell Arabia:

•      Catering for VIP functions and special events

•      Operating their coffee shop, restaurant, dining halls, snack bar and supermarket

•      Providing all materials, supplies, transportation as well as supervision to operate their laundry and dry

cleaning facilities


Since September 2012, SATCO has been operating at Al-Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University (AMSU) as one of their appointed catering concessionaire for providing catering and support services at the university cafeteria serving over 2,300 meals daily.


In the second quarter of 2015, SATCO was awarded the Operations Services of Guest Houses for its client, the Royal Commission of Jubail.  Services include providing catering to guests including VIPs, special functions for forthcoming events and visits as well as providing housekeeping services.


Activities and Capabilities:

•    Catering and Food Services

– Industrial canteens

– Executive / VIP dining

– Remote site catering

– University cafeterias

– Food courts, coffee shops and snack bars

•    Total Camp Support Services (Design, Management, Community Services, Utilities and Transportation)

•    Housekeeping, Janitorial and Laundry Services
•    Sanitation and Pest Control Services
•    Design, Provision, Operations and Maintenance of Dining and Kitchen Facilities
•    Waste Management and Disposal Services


SATCO’s division for catering and total life support services were established on a commitment to quality and is now one of the industry leaders in its field.


Industrial and Institutional Catering


SATCO’s activities in Industrial and Institutional Camp Catering and Life Support Services range from operating executive class cafeterias and diners to family diners and restaurants. SATCO’s reputation is built on quality service, the understanding of ethnic cuisines, the high adaptability to the client’s varied needs and maintaining the highest health and hygiene standards.


Hospitality Services


The Country Club, Dunes, was created by SATCO in 1995 to provide a recognized chain of exclusive leisure facilities across the Middle East. Dunes Club Amman, the company’s first country club, was completed just three years later. SATCO’s initial experience in leisure hospitality management has been a success, as seen by the high standards set in its first country club. The acquisition of these new skills and knowledge not only enabled SATCO to take upon itself the management of country clubs, but also to provide hospitality management for hotels and resorts across the Middle East.